Nick Waplington

The Wedding: New Pictures from the Continuing "Living Room" Series
by Nick Waplington
Publisher's Description
Continuing the work he began in his 1991 book Living Room, Nick Waplington gives us the next installment of life for the working-class Nottingham family whose lives he documented in that book. Times have changed--the kids are older, Dad is long gone, and Mum is on the verge of an interracial marriage. This wedding is the centerpiece for Waplington's new work--pulling us into the same visceral energy of domestic drama as his previous work, revealing with a keen wit the truths and fictions we all live with. Review
Nick Waplington published his first collection of photos, Living Room, documenting life in a housing project in Nottingham, England, in 1991. The Wedding a second collection of photos from Nottingham, takes the marriage of Janet and Clive as a loose organizing principle. In months of work, Waplington captured the sometimes disheveled existence of working men and women who revel in the difficult lives they lead. Whether they capture children scrambling over furniture or neighbors enjoying a beer and a smoke together, these photographs convey with great intimacy the telling details of lives that are rich with tumultuous emotions and deep friendships.
ISBN: 0893816078
Publisher: Aperture
Hardcover : 80 pages
Language: English
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