Aperture 140: Cuba Image and Imagination
by Aperture
Publisher's Description
This issue of Aperture is the most comprehensive publication on documentary and artistic Cuban photography to date. Cuba, one of the world's most dynamic nations, owing to the paradoxes of the government and the thriving cultural traditions, has spawned some of the most extraordinary photographers in recent history. The vision these photographers lend to their work combines all of the elements of Cuban life, from their political isolationism to their rich cultural heritage. Artists included in this volume are: René Peña, Eduardo Muñoz, Marta María Perez Bravo, Tria Giovan, José Azel, Alex Webb, and many more. Also includes a section on American and European photographers who have photographed in Cuba.
ISBN: 0893816116
Publisher: Aperture Book
Paperback : 80 pages
Language: English
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