Stan Grossfeld

Lost Futures: Our Forgotten Children
by Muhammad Ali
Publisher's Description
Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Stan Grossfeld's collected images are a stinging testimonial to the hardships of the world's impoverished children. Lost Futures contains fifteen photographic essays with text, exploring child abuse, gang warfare, child prostitution, and hunger, AIDS, famine, child slavery, and other heartrending topics. Essential reading for anyone interested in children's issues or serious photojournalism. Review
Kindergartners with AIDS in Romania. Homeless children living in the tombs of Cairo and the sewers of Mexico City. Teenage prostitutes in Bangkok. Kids enslaved in Indian factories. Kids with guns on the mean streets of Northern Ireland. No question about it, the stark black and white images in Stan Grossfeld's book are gut wrenching--perhaps none more so than the child of the Gaza Strip holding her glass eye, its empty socket staring back at you. Yet this powerful and provocative book about the plight of millions of young people is as difficult to put down as it is to look at. At that, it could well set new standards in photojournalism.
ISBN: 0893816965
Publisher: Aperture
Hardcover : 176 pages
Language: English
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