Waste Land: Meditations an a Ravaged Landscape
by David T. Hanson
Publisher's Description
"The history of Western industrial society's assault on the earth and the devastation it has wrought are the subjects of Hanson's aerial photographs....Hanson's photographs of this ongoing drama are among the most powerful and disturbing images ever to be seen, perhaps because their eerie, abstract beauty almost seems to negate the sinister life that glimmers in them...."-Suzi Gablik, Art historian and critic

In Waste Land, photographer David T. Hanson presents a picture of our environment that is unfamiliar and deeply disturbing. It is, however, a picture that must be looked at and contended with if our environment is to survive. In the words of writer Wendell Berry, Hanson has "given us the topography of our open wounds." Waste Land is a powerful book that will not permit us to turn our backs on the declining state of our environment.
During the past fifteen years of his career as an artist/photographer, Hanson has documented—often in aerial photographs that are deceptively, inexorably beautiful—some of the devastations that humans have inflicted and continue to impose upon the environment. Each of the four photographic series in this book provides a different look at the consequences of our actions.
ISBN: 0893817260
Publisher: Aperture
Hardcover : 160 pages
Language: English
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