Lu Zhi

Giant Pandas in the Wild: Saving an Endangered Species
by Lu Zhi
Publisher's Description
Giant Pandas in the Wild: Saving an Endangered Species is an insider's view of one of the most alluring and least understood animals on the endangered species list. Through photographs never before published in a book readers enter a magical world in the remote mountainous area that is home to China's remaining 1100 wild pandas. Lü Zhi, who began her research in 1985, made the panda's habitat her second home and gained the trust of more than twenty of these animals. Her observations and photographs dispel the popular myths about pandas and draw attention to the dedication required to save the panda from almost certain extinction. Quotes Protecting pandas in their natural habitat is indisputably the highest priority in the conservation of this severely endangered species. There may be as few as 1,100 giant pandas left in the wild today, scattered across six isolated mountain ranges in southwestern China. What will it take to save them? —World Wildlife Fund
ISBN: 0893819972
Publisher: Aperture
Hardcover : 128 pages
Language: English
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