Digital Photography Outdoors: A Field Guide for Travel and Adventure Photographers
by James Martin
Publisher's Description
A professional writer and photographer who has long chronicled his adventures as a mountaineer and wilderness traveler, James Martin is uniquely positioned to help others 'gain the most from swapping chemicals for silicon.' He begins with the basics: how a digital camera works, special considerations for use in the field, and selecting the best equipment and most useful accessories for capturing outdoor action. Martin presents the new rules of digital photography (why overexpose?) and reminds us of the old rules that still apply (light and good composition remain key). He covers the fundamentals of digital editing, including selecting software tools, applying filters, creating the illusion of movement, and stitching photos together to create panoramas. It's about exploiting the advantages of digital, as well as meeting its challenges ('storing images safely becomes an obsession.') Martin also offers tips on care and maintenance of digital equipment in field conditions.
ISBN: 0898869749
Publisher: Mountaineers Books
Paperback : 157 pages
Language: English
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