October: The First Decade
by Annette Michelson
Publisher's Description
October: The First Decade is an anthology of many of the most challenging pieces published in this important journal of art theory, criticism, history, and practice. Included are Georges Didi-Huberman, "The Index of the Absent Wound;" Benjamin H.D. Buchloh, "From Faktura to Factography;" Sergei Eisenstein, "Notes for a Film of Capital;" Mary Ann Doane, "Woman's Stake: Filming the Female Body;" Yve-Alain Bois, "A Picturesque Stroll Around Clara-Clara;" Joel Fineman: "The Structure of Allegorical Desire," among many others. Many of the reprinted articles are from editions long out-of-print.
ISBN: 0262132222
Publisher: The MIT Press
Hardcover : 468 pages
Language: English
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