Robert Mapplethorpe

Power of Theatrical Madness: Photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe
by Robert Mapplethorpe
Publisher's Description
Mapplethorpe's photographs for Jan Fabre's internationally performed Power of Theatrical Madness were taken during his 1985 stay in Antwerp, Belgium. The photos are interspersed in this volume with Fabre's working drawings for the performance. Approaching similar themes through different mediums, "Mapplethorpe and Fabre metamorphose their subject matter, photographed or staged, so that the body is `compromised' in a sublimation of itself, superheated and transmuted into a vehicle for the fever of pleasure and the joy of being."--Celant.
ISBN: 0905263901
Publisher: ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts)
Hardcover : 60 pages
Language: English
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