Encyclopedia Persona A-Z: Published in Conjunction With: Kim Abeles: Encyclopedia Persona, a Fifteen-Year Survey
by Kim Victoria Abeles
Publisher's Description
Encyclopedia Persona is both a catalogue and an artist book that describes the unique work of Kim Abeles. Her pieces range from shrines and sculpture to installation and performance works in which photographs or other visual images often play an important role. Accompanying a retrospective exhibition of her career, this extraordinary book is designed in the style of a 1960s Encyclopedia Britannica. It covers work from a fifteen year time period--1979 to 1993--and is arranged alphabetically by topic beginning with A for Abeles through Z for daughter Zoë. It is complete with photographs, illustrations and suggested sources for further reading.
ISBN: 0911291229
Publisher: Fellows of Contemporary Art
Hardcover : 109 pages
Language: English
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