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Gustav Metzger: Historic Photographs
by Gary Carrion-Murayari
Publisher's Description
Gustav Metzger: Historic Photographs was published for the first U.S. solo exhibition of the influential artist and activist Gustav Metzger (born 1926). As a survivor of the Holocaust, Metzger has first-hand experience of displacement and destruction that shaped his subsequent outlook on the relationship between art and society. The exhibition at the New Museum featured the most complete installation to date of Metzger's series of sculptural installations titled Historic Photographs. This series confronts the viewer with some of the most powerful and tragic images of twentieth-century history, which Metzger has enlarged, obscured or hidden in a variety of ways. Begun in 1990, Historic Photographs spans a range of historical events including the destruction of the Warsaw ghetto in 1943, the horrors of the Vietnam War, the Oklahoma City bombing and environmental destruction in contemporary England. Essays and an interview complement reproductions of installed works.
ISBN: 0915557940
Publisher: New Museum
Paperback : 71 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 5 x 8 x 0.5 inches
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