Builder Levy

Builder Levy: Photographer
by Builder Levy
Publisher's Description
The photographs in this book invite us to experience real lives as real people live them, while at the same time enjoying the beauty of the photographic medium. Builder Levy's work combines social documentary and street photography with the elements of fine art. In these photographs we come face to face with perservering individuals in inner-city neighborhoods in New York City; in communities in the hills and 'hollers' and inside the coal mines of Appalachia; on the central Asian steppe of Mongolia; in Cuba; and at street demonstrations in the 1960s and the new millennium.

'Levy has been steadfast in his belief that, in addition to its narrative dimension, a photograph is an object with its own distinctive aesthetic character. His silver prints, which he alone produces, reveal the rich tonalities that are intrinsic to the medium. The photographs in this book are a testament to the fact that these intertwined objectives can produce works of power and beauty.”

— from the Introduction by Naomi Rosenblum
ISBN: 0923183337
Publisher: A. R. T. Press c2005
Hardcover : 168 pages
Language: English
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