Bill Burke

I Want to Take Picture
by Bill Burke
Publisher's Description
Bill Burke grew up--like so many young boys--groomed for war. With the aid of movies, magazines, and TV, he envisioned himself somehow, somewhere, as being in combat. Yet when he was of military age he became terrified of it, and was relieved when he failed his draft physical. In 1982 Burke decided to go to Thailand and Cambodia to give himself the Southeast Asia experience that he managed to escape in the sixties. The result of that time is presented in this unusual and amazing book full of collages and juxtapositions of contact sheets, portraits, diary excerpts, maps, reproductions of currency, newspaper headlines, etc. Treated as a whole this book gives a complex experience of a very foreign culture, far different from that presented by most other media. Highly recommended.
ISBN: 0932526160
Publisher: Nexus Pr
Hardcover Language: English
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