Marion Post Wolcott

Marion Post Wolcott, Fsa Photographs (Untitled, 34)
by Marion Wolcott
Publisher's Description
This small yet elegant monograph is the first on FSA photographer Marion Post Wolcott. Published as part of the Friends of Photography's Untitled series, it offers a glimpse of Wolcott's remarkably clear and intelligent documentary work. Sally Stein's introductory essay discusses Wolcott's place on the FSA project, detailing some of her experiences in the field, and her working relationship with Roy Stryker. The thirty-three laser-scanned duotone plates, beautifully printed by Gardner/Fulmer, give evidence of Wolcott's range of subject matter and visual acuity.
ISBN: 0933286384
Publisher: Friends of Photography Bookstore
Paperback : 48 pages
Language: English
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