Light Years: The Friends of Photography 1967-1987 (Untitled 43)
by James G. Alinder
Publisher's Description
This publication that celebrates the twenty year activity of the Friends of Photography includes essays devoted to the history of this fine organization. Beaumont Newhall writes of "The Beginnings," Peter C. Bunnell contributes his insights as to "Why the Friends," and James G. Alinder concludes with "The Friends, A Retrospective View." Also included is a fine portfolio of duotones taken from many of the Friend's exhibits, along with a substantial listing of the various people associated with the group, the exhibitions, publications, workshops, grants, and awards. Light Years is a lasting tribute to one of photography's most respected organizations.
ISBN: 0933286481
Publisher: Friends of Photography
Paperback : 95 pages
Language: English
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