The Un/Necessary Image
by Peter D'Agostino
Publisher's Description
An anthology of works by twenty-one artists who examine the content and implications of the unnecessary "public image" contrived by advertising and distributed through mass media. "The `unnecessary' images referred to by the editors are the products of advertising and the `necessary' ones are the works of art and theory that incorporate, deconstruct, or appropriate them in the interest of ideological discourse."--Robert Atkins, Send. Included are reproductions of work by Erika Rothenberg, Hans Haacke, and Les Levine, and art and social theory by John Brumfield, Dan Graham, and Robert Morgan among many others. Prepared in association with the MIT Committe on the Visual Arts.
ISBN: 0934378304
Publisher: Tanam Press
Paperback : 100 pages
Language: English
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