Edward Weston

Edward Weston: Color Photography
by Terrence Pitts
Publisher's Description
In the late 1940s the Eastman Kodak Company asked Weston, known as one of the masters of black-and-white photography, to produce a scenic portrait of Monterey Bay for their advertising department--in color. "I have never been interested in color," Weston replied, "but I have such a love of Point Lobos that I would hate to see it murdered in color by an `outsider.'" To his surprise, Weston found a challenge in color that produced work akin to his black-and-white images. Thirty-two of these images are here nicely reproduced and accompanied by Weston's original essay "Color as Form" and analyses by Terence Pitts and Nancy Newhall.
ISBN: 0938262149
Publisher: Center for Creative Photography
Hardcover : 30 pages
Language: English
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