Marcia Keegan

Taos Pueblo and Its Sacred Blue Lake
by Stewart L. Udall
Publisher's Description
Marcia Keegan is "uniquely qualified" to tell the history of the Taos Pueblo Indians' struggle to regain their rights to Sacred Blue Lake. The Indians consider the sparkling turquoise lake, high in the mountains, a sacred shrine--the source of life and final resting place of souls of the tribe. Keegan's photographs and text tell of the spiritual victory that the tribe achieved when, in 1971, they won control of the lake after losing it to a national forest decree in 1906. The photographs show not only the Indians' 1971 celebration, but also life of the people of Taos Pueblo and "their relationship to Blue Lake today."--the publisher.
ISBN: 094066612X
Publisher: Clear Light Books
Hardcover : 63 pages
Language: English
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