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The Highway as Habitat: A Roy Stryker Documentation, 1943-1955 : [exhibition and catalogue]
by J. David Farmer
Publisher's Description
The highway has always provided photographers with a myriad of related themes: America's infatuation with the automobile lifestyle and culture, roadside vernacular architecture, the on-the-road photographic diary, and others. This fascinating exhibition catalogue for a show held at the University Art Museum in Santa Barbara, is an exploration into the great body of work produced under Roy Stryker's direction and funded by the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. Ulrich Keller, in his well-researched essay, examines highway iconography, Stryker's involvement with Standard Oil and his documentary techniques and philosophies along with the approaches of others not associated with this project, such as Walker Evans, Robert Frank, and Steve Fitch. The photographs included here contain much unpublished work by Russell Lee, Esther Bubley, John Vachon, John Collier, Sol Libsohn, Todd Webb, and others.
ISBN: 0942006119
Publisher: University Art Museum
Paperback : 207 pages
Language: English
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