Richard Serra

Pierced Hearts and True Love: A Century of Drawings for Tattoos
by Richard Serra Review
Tattooing is not only widely practiced, but in recent years has become quite fashionable. Accordingly, over the course of this century, designs for tattoos have evolved from standardized "flash" to completely customized work that allows for more detail, creativity, and even abstract painterly effects. With its curious collection of imagery, including vintage freak show advertisements, this book explores the development of the iconography of the tattoo and examines the age-old rite and tradition of embellishing the human body with images, words, and designs. Completely absorbing, the book traces the remarkable changes in tattoo styles and practices in the past several decades that have contributed significantly to this medium's ever-growing popularity and diversity. Particularly fascinating is a chapter devoted to tattooed women that includes photographs from the turn of the century to the present.
Publisher's Description
This book is a fascinating investigation of the art of tattoos--a subject which has hitherto been marginalized for one reason or another. The illustrations range from tattoo flashes from the early 1900s to actual work from the present day. Legendary tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy organized this exhibition for the Drawing Center in New York, and it is a definitive history of this enigmatic medium.
ISBN: 0942324099
Publisher: The Drawing Center
Paperback : 52 pages
Language: English
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