Harms Way: Lust and Madness, Murder and Mayhem
by Eugenia Parry Janis
Publisher's Description
Mills has taken up, or perhaps resurrected, the modernist challenge of drawing as formal exploration. His drawings are no mere formalist exercises, scientific experiments about the esoteric properties and dynamics of drawing as a medium, despite their overtly minimalist character and their emphasis on technique and materiality. They are emblematic universes, tied intimately to one man's specific journey in this world. Few artists of our times have committed themselves so assiduously to the questions posed by a medium and its constituent elements, but also to the accompanying questions it can and usually does invite. These drawings contain a supreme sense of humility even as they attempt to delineate the vast questions of existence. -HIpolito Rafael Chacon
ISBN: 0942642449
Publisher: Twin Palms Publishers
Paperback : 132 pages
Language: English
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