Edward Ranney

Edward Ranney Photographs: The John B. Elliott Collection
by Edward Ranney
Publisher's Description
After reading through the essay by Bunnell and carefully looking at the photographs reproduced here, nearly an hour had passed. But after setting this petite catalogue down-for that is truly what it is-the shock set in that it is only 36 pages in length, with just 15 reproductions. This is one of those books where the content is potent, and thus size is inconsequential. Ranney is a great American photographer whose spiritually informed landscape photographs (made primarily in the American Southwest, Midwest, and Peru) resonate from within. Bunnell's masterful essay is only 7 pages long, and the time that had passed is purely indicative of the quality of both the ideas and images contained therein. They were, happily, the cause of reflection and questioning. To be mentally, emotionally spurred on by such small packages is a pure joy. Don't pass up this book.

ISBN: 0943012392
Publisher: Princeton University Art Museum
Paperback : 35 pages
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