Rocky Schenck

Rocky Schenck: Photographs (Southwestern & Mexican Photography Series, Wittliff Collections at Texas State University-San Marcos)
by Connie Todd
Publisher's Description
Schenck shows us a party in Hollywood but what he offers us is a modern commentary on insiders and outsiders, the surreal nature of Southern California, and the omnipresent solitude one finds in the city. In 'Information' he shows us simply an information booth, but in his darkroom it becomes a heavenly, haloed, longed-for destination where we feel the person behind the desk may very likely be able to tell us not only when to catch the next train but also whether there is life after death. 'Dresden' is a strongly modernist study in shadow and light but shot in an overtly soft Pictorialist style that lends to its precise geometry an emotional message involving the two figures that walk away together on an unknown path. 'Daddy in the Woods' is the figure of a man-the artist's father-standing in the woods and shining a flashlight that reflects off a nearby rock. The strong manipulation of the image brings us into another of Schenck's interior dimensions wherein the glowing figures of father and light embody solace and a refuge from a truly frightening and dangerous forest. The relative size and threatening shapes of the trees underscore the fragility of the father in his advancing years. These are photographs by a generous and courageous author, learning as he goes through life with his camera and willing to share what he has learned with his audience.
ISBN: 0292702175
Publisher: University of Texas Press
Hardcover : 160 pages
Language: English
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