Anya Gallaccio

Silver Seed
by Anya Gallaccio
Publisher's Description
This book by Anya Gallaccio contains photographic images of seeds taken with an electro scanning microscope at the Natural History Museum. The images are accompanied by a poem by Joeri Bakker. The book was produced to accompany the artist's exhibition commissioned by the Mount Stuart Trust for an installation at Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute, Scotland.

In her work, Gallaccio employs natural materials - flowers, fruit, water, grass - to create installations that are perhaps more like events. She has said before that her work is both a performance and a collaboration due to the unpredictable nature of the material she works with. She uses natural materials in fantastical, unexpected ways, 'concealing her artifice under a cloak of naturalness'. Her installations often change over the course of time, and they not only engage the viewer visually, but can also act on the other senses such as smell and hearing.
ISBN: 095417108X
Publisher: Ram Distribution
Hardcover : 24 pages
Language: English
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