C International Photo Magazine 03
by Elena Foster
Publisher's Description
This large format, opulently designed book features hundreds of images, exploring the dialogue between photographs and cities. How does photography reflect the transformation of the urban environment over time? What does it tell us about the lives of city dwellers, the ravages of war? These and other issues are compellingly examined through works both classical and unmistakably modern; images that have been digitally altered or staged; and through critical essays and archival photographs. Together they offer viewers an opportunity to immerse themselves in cities: their past and present, the energy of their architecture, and the lives of inhabitants whose identities are lost and found in them.

A Select List of Photographers: Jean-Eugène Atget, Gabriele Basilico, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Giacomo Costa, Thomas M Easterly, Walker Evans, Lux Feininger, William Henry Fox-Talbot, Andy Goldsworthy, Andreas Gursky, Lewis Hine, Candida Höfer, Louis Jacques Mandé, Daguerre, Katharina Mayer, Lee Miller, László Moholy-Nagy, Abelardo Morell, Eadweard Muybridge, Joseph Nicéphore Niepce, Miguel Rio Branco, Thomas Struth, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Bill Viola, Danwen Xing.
ISBN: 0954955765
Publisher: Ivory Press
Hardcover : 308 pages
Language: English
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