John MacLean

A to B
by John MacLean
Publisher's Description
John MacLean's 7th self-published book. Book exhibited at Krakow Photomonth / The International Book Festival (Kassel) / Flash Forward (Boston) / PhotoIreland / Berlin Book Fair / Belfast Photo Festival / PIY Paris. Forty-two photographs taken during 37 walks between the sites of Newgate prison and the Tyburn Tree, between 23 August 2009 and 3 February 2011. In late 2009, a TV documentary about Stanley Kubrick caught my attention. The programme explained how Kubrick frequently shot more than 30 takes of one scene in order to ‘wear down’ the actors - to force them to work through the obvious approaches and find something new. I began to wonder if I could employ the basis of this process in my own work. Looking at the 4ft wide map of London on my studio wall, I decided to choose two points (A and B), one east and one west, and take photographs as I walked repeatedly from one to the other. I would record each journey with GPS, and the line between the points (representing my directional choices) would be transcribed onto a map for each day – an apposite metaphor for my drifting thought process, perhaps...
ISBN: 0955867355
Publisher: Hunter and James
Perfect Paperback Language: English
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