Maxwell Anderson

See You Soon
by Sagar Patel
Publisher's Description
See You Soon is a photographic narrative, exploring the development of a relationship between the photographer and a woman from Tokyo. The book presents the progression of intimacy between the two, documenting the private journey from their first meeting through to her departure on the expiry of her visa.

As a photographic love letter, or diary, this book engages the reader in a highly emotive, affectionate, and personal period of time. Using a snapshot camera, these photographs of everyday and sometimes mundane scenarios visually express an emotional tie between two people, in physical and meta-physical gesture.

The book has been edited in such a way to form a full narrative, but within the pages, individual exchanges are present, revealing short passing stories and moments within the whole. Photographically, Anderson's eye is compassionate, humourous, authentic and beautiful.

ISBN: 0956247016
Publisher: Bemojake
Paperback : 96 pages
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