Landscape Perspectives Photographic Studies
by Tucker
Publisher's Description
This group of essays explores the theme of photography as an interdisciplinary art. Except for Jerry Uelsmann, the essayists are from fields other than photography. Their cumulative essays expand the definition of landscape to mean anything denoting a sense of place. From the viewpoint of a historian, philosopher, physicist, art historian, anthropologist, sociologist, classicist, critic, and photographer, the issues addressed add new dimensions to the standard analysis of photography. The photographs discussed range from historical and artistic to social documents used by anthropologists and Landsat images. Writers include Uelsmann, Westerbeck, Corbett, Becker, Steefel, Szegedy-Maszak, Ross, Hinsley, and Rigden.
ISBN: 0960161643
Publisher: Univ of Missouri
Paperback Language: English
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