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Forgotten Marriage: The Painted Tintype & the Decorative Frame, 1860-1910 : A Lost Chapter in American Portraiture
by Stanley B. Burns
Publisher's Description
Noted collector and historian Stanley Burns, has produced this fine anthology primarily to establish a critical basis for collecting and appraising tintypes and their frames. It includes numerous, beautiful varieties of tintypes and frames, and does an excellent job of establishing their history and context. Painted tintypes, a descendant of the daguerreotype, were a popular form of portraiture before and around the turn-of-the-century, and today constitute an imporant element in historical American folk-art. Burns' eminence as a collector is borne out by his careful selection, scholarship, and exhaustive treatment of the subject. The Forgotten Marriage is not only an essential part of any collector's shelf, it is also a fascinating visual anthology.
ISBN: 0961295813
Publisher: Burns Collection Ltd
Hardcover : 220 pages
Language: English
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