Morley Baer

Light Years, The Photographs of Morley Baer
by Morley Baer
Publisher's Description
The large-format landscape photography of Californian Morley Baer is the subject of the third monograph published by Photography West Graphics. Printed on heavy paper using a duotone, laserscan process, this major, new book is the first retrospective monograph of Baer's work. "Morley Baer has worked in photography with a quiet perseverance for nearly fifty years--often alongside such legendary associates as Ansel Adams and Edward Weston. His unwavering dedication to the large foramt 8"x10" camera and painstaking, meticulous contact printing has resulted in images of exquisite detail, tonality and unusual nuance. These photographs comprise an important segment of the American photographic achievement, particularly the West Coast School."--the publisher.
ISBN: 0961651520
Publisher: Photography West Graphics
Hardcover : 130 pages
Language: English
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