Bookbinding for Book Artists
by Keith A. Smith
Publisher's Description
Bookbinding for Book Artists presents a simple approach to binding a book in cloth or leather. It eliminates the skill required to pare leather or to sew endbands.

Household tools are substituted for traditional binding equipment. Instructions for making a simple book press are included.

Three bindings are described in detail:

* Pamphlet Binding with Boards gives a substantial presentation of a book with only four to 32 pages. This hard cover book is presented as quarter cloth, half or full cloth. It is described both with the end sheets as paste-down, as well as exposed cloth hinges on the inside of the boards. This binding gives a substantial presentation for small projects.
* Flat Back is ideal for medium size projects. Shown as sewn onto tapes, it gives a book of 24 to 100 pages. It is most commonly used binding for hard cover artists books.
* Tight Back and the Hollow Back variation are presented as leather bound books, rounded and backed. This gives an arch which structurally allows a book to be bound with hundreds of pages. Yet, this elegant binding can have as few as 32 pages.
ISBN: 0963768255
Publisher: Keith a Smith Books
Paperback : 432 pages
Language: English
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