Quick Leather Bindings: Non-Adhesive Binding Volume 5
by Keith A. Smith
Publisher's Description
All the bindings in Volume V are hard cover quarter leather. Leather bindings have been something I have always admired but did not have the skill or patience to do properly. Bookbinding for Book Artists substituted household tools for all the traditional tools and equipment found in a bindery. This makes leather binding cheaper, but not easier and certainly not quicker.

With Quick Leather Bindings I have eliminated all the unnecessary steps found in the earlier book. Those steps that could not be eliminated were simplified:

* No equipment is used.
* Tools are limited to needle and thread, scissors, bone folder, X-Acto™ knife and metal straightedge.
* Leather on the spine is limited to quarter leather to eliminate the messy process of trying to fold leather around the corners of the boards at the foredge.
* All use of glue and paste is eliminated. This saves time, eliminating weights and waits.

The boards are finished before the book block is sewn to it.

Some of the bindings described contain a book block of a single section or signature. A 2-section book block can have from 4 to 48 pages. All the sewings can be quarter cloth if you prefer not to use leathers.
ISBN: 0963768298
Publisher: Keith a Smith Books
Paperback : 317 pages
Language: English
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