Suzette Bross

COMMUTE: Suzette Bross
by Suzette Bross
Publisher's Description
Everyday we make journeys. During these journeys to our intended destinations, it is easy to become detached from the surroundings, lost in thought. It becomes hard to see anything before or beyond what we have already learned to see and most of what we see, when we see, is quick and remote. These photographs are images of transition, images between and bordering seeing and knowing, images of movement through space, fleeting moments in time. We live in an age of accelerated transition. These images are of the ‘in between’ places. Consider them part of our new picturesque, symbols of America, symbols of internal musing. Can you stop long enough to ‘sightsee’?

As Julia Peck writes in the introduction, “This work reflects the very difficulty that lies in defining places, objects, situations, points of view. In a world where we need to be flexible at every turn, this liminality might represent what we think and feel if we were to stand still for one moment. In an ironic way we are able to see with what speed our life passes through the medium of a still image.” Commute, while exploring an activity in which many millions participate, also examines an isolating experience which reaches into other aspects of contemporary Western culture. This state of isolation, like the act of commuting itself, often escapes our attention, and can be dismissed in a simply negative light. These images by Bross, imbued as they are with an uneasy familiarity, offer us an opportunity to reflect more fully on this complex experience.
Publisher: Suzette Bross
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