Matthew Weinstein: Ikebana
by story) Matthew Weinstein (Michael Cunningham
Publisher's Description
Matthew Weinstein... explores contemporary concepts of reality and simulacra through visual narratives that combine imaginative botanical elements, doll figures, and eccentric interior spaces. Bypassing photography altogether, Weinstein works with the latest 3-D computer animation technology which he believes provides the perfect balance between reality and abstraction. Drawing on a variety of influences ranging from early Japanese animation and the ancient aesthetic discipline of Ikebana floral arranging to futuristic science fiction, the artist explores the relationship between artifice and nature in his lush, constructed compositions.

This catalogue, featuring the original story “Witch Tree” by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Cunningham (“The Hours”) and an essay by the artist, accompanies the exhibition at Baldwin Gallery.
ISBN: 0967144957
Publisher: Baldwin Gallery
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