Encyclopedia of Printing, Photographic, and Photomechanical Processes, Containing Invaluable Information on Over 1500 Processes (2 Volumes)
by Luis Nadeau
Publisher's Description
What is the difference between a calotype and a collotype? What is X-ray lithography? When was nitrocellulose film last commercially available? All of these questions and more are answered in this comprehensive encyclopedia with over 1,500 entries. Now available in a single volume, this work clarifies the confusion that results from the existence of over hundreds of various photographic, photomechanical, and printing processes. Twenty years of research on these processes and an exhaustive study of 5,500 references in six languages provide the most detailed guide available. An excellent reference!
ISBN: 0969084153
Publisher: Mr Luis R Nadeau
Paperback : 542 pages
Language: English
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