The New Sins / Los Nuevos Pecados (English and Spanish Edition)
by Daniel de la Calle Gebele
Publisher's Description
According to the inscription on the cover, this book has been "translated out of the original tongues with the former translations diligently compared and revised." Which tongues those may be is another question, as "there is philosophy here, and other things that only a fool would try to describe." Fool or not, the photographer presents no exiguous circumstances. There is a gaggle's worth of images by court-jester Byrne, enough to make one marvel at the sheer torrent of inspiration that must have descended upon this multi-talented man. Look for the apogee of this title, which comes in the form of a chart showing (in a somewhat revised fashion) the levels of Dante's hell.
ISBN: 097033558X
Publisher: McSweeney's Books
Hardcover : 128 pages
Language: English
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