Douglas Holleley

Better Things: An Annotated Visual Essay of Photographs Interpreting the Collection of The...
by Douglas Holleley
Publisher's Description
Better Things contains some 161 jewel-like color photographs which show and interpret the Gallery’s collection in a new light. Dr. Holleley offers both creative and original insights into many of the paintings, sculpture, decorative arts and even architectural details of the museum. Through a process he terms “interactive reading” he challenges us to see “anew” a heretofore familiar work of art. In one of the five essays in the book he writes, “to visit a museum is literally to enter a giant, three-dimensional book. However, no longer are the pages held safely in the hand or nestled on the sheets and covers of one’s bed. Instead, with very little imagination, it is possible to visualize oneself as a Lilliputian reader surrounded by gigantic signs and symbols, each crying out, waiting to be read and understood.”
ISBN: 0970713827
Publisher: Clarellen
Paperback : 119 pages
Language: English
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