Douglas Holleley

Photo-Editing and Presentation: A Guide to Image Editing and Presentation for Photographers and Visual Artists (Photo-Developing)
by Douglas Holleley
Publisher's Description
Finally, a textbook for mid-level to senior college students and for graduate students of Photography that addresses the demands of senior study. At this level students must take more responsibility for the content and appearance of their work. Until now, there has been no text to assist this process. This book will enable such students to edit and present their work in a professional and thoughtful manner. Additionally, the book will help students develop a helpful critical vocabulary for discussing and interpreting images. This book introduces photographers, print-makers and other graphic artists to the creative possibilities of image editing and presentation. The focus is on how meaning can be created and shaped if the emphasis is placed on the totality of the visual experience rather than by looking at each image in isolation. In the first instance there is a discussion of a variety of ways images can be grouped together. This act has implications for how the work should subsequently be presented. To this end there is a discussion of various presentation techniques, and how each different forum can further amplify the desired effect. Finally there is a hands-on look at a variety of presentation techniques such as artist book publishing, exhibition design and portfolio construction that will help the reader to present his or her work in a professional manner. By employing the principles outlined in this book readers can expect that the content of their work will be more coherent and accessible, not only to an audience, but also more importantly, to themselves.

ISBN: 0970713851
Publisher: Clarellen
Paperback : 140 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 5.9 x 9.1 x 0 inches
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