Douglas Holleley

STUDYING PHOTOGRAPHY: A Survival Guide (Photo-Developing)
by Douglas Holleley
Publisher's Description
If you are, or will be enrolling in a visual arts course, this book is an invaluable survival guide. The book lays bare the powerful value systems that are embedded within higher education institutions and explains them with wit and clarity. Issues such as the hidden curriculum, analyzing images, progression, writing an artist statement, assessment, plagiarism, copyright pitfalls and ultimately getting a job at the end of the degree, are all explained in clear, easy to understand language.

Because of the author’s background and experience, this book is addressed to photographers. However, any student of any of the visual arts will find it a useful companion as they proceed on their course of study. The principles described in this book are equally applicable to students of drawing, painting and printmaking. Even sculptors and other 3-D artists will benefit by reading it. The book is also required reading for graduate students contemplating a teaching career as it will give them a privileged insight into the perils, pitfalls and delights of working in the higher education system.
ISBN: 0970713886
Publisher: Clarellen
Paperback : 122 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 8.9 x 5.9 x 0.3 inches
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