Bruce Barnbaum

The Art of Approach to Personal Expression (Edition 3.0)
by Bruce Barnbaum
Publisher's Description
Bruce Barnbaum's The Art of Photography...An Approach to Personal Expression is an exceptional exposition of the art and craft of photography. It stresses issues that too many textbooks ignore: the importance of light, the necessity of understanding the meaning of good composition, and applying it effectively for your expressive purposes, and the importance of your relationship with the subject matter that you choose to photograph. This book will greatly expand your understanding of the photographic process, and it will change your view of photography as a personally expressive medium. For these reasons, it goes beyond he usual definition of a 'textbook,' and delves far into the realm of creativity. It is a fully revised and enlarged version of the work that had been previously available through Bruce's Photographic Arts Workshops.

Earlier editions of this book have been called 'the finest textbook on photography ever written.' Edition 4.0 expands and improves the previous explanations and offers new food for thought about personal expression in creative photography. To keep costs from skyrocketing without losing any pertinent information, photographic illustrations have been eliminated, but are not necessary to supplement the superb text.

Internationally recognized for his landscape and architectual photography, his realistic and abstract photography, Bruce Barnbaum is equally well known as an educator. He teaches at many seminar programs throughout the United States, as well as those in Canada, Mexico, and Europe. In 1975 he co-founded the Owens Valley Photography Workshops, and founded the Photographic Arts Workshops in 1991. His photography is represented by galleries and private collections throughout the United States, Canada, Japan, Indonesia and Norway. The creativity he has applied to his own work and the lessons he has learned from nearly 40 years of photographing and teaching are incorporated into this superb volume.
ISBN: 0971771529
Publisher: Photographic Arts Editions
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