Susan Turner

A Distant Place, a Different Voice: Twenty Years in Papua New Guinea
by David Wing
Publisher's Description
Susan Turner has spent fourteen of the past twenty years living in Papua New Guinea, a country just past that threshold which separates rare traditional ways of life from the outer world. Living as she has among the indigenous people, her view is much more from the inside than from the outside. These black & white photographs reach far beyond a visitor’s curiosity or a researcher’s ethnography as Turner’s subjects become gracious and natural collaborators. These tender yet authoritative photographs show remarkable original people at their work as hunters, gatherers, and farmers, sharing the hope and persistence that are at the center of their lives. Designed by David Wing and published by Futura Press Edited and with an Introduction by David Wing
ISBN: 0972290818
Publisher: Futura Press
Paperback : 39 pages
Language: English
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