Irina Ionesco

Eva: Eloge De Ma Fille
by Irina Ionesco
Publisher's Description
Irina Ionesco is the “Grande Dame” of French erotic photography. These photographs of her young daughter Eva Ionesco have been widely acclaimed since the 1970’s. Voted “Woman of the Year” by Time Life Photography 1977, with over 12 books and countless international exhibitions, Ionesco’s style is unique. The noted American photography critic A. D. Coleman writes in the Preface: “These images insistently demand a singular response….Here we have Eva nude, partially clothed, and fully dressed, enacting…the self-decoration, postures, and gestures of feminine flirtation and erotic enticement.” With all Ionesco’s previous monographs out of print, EVA is the largest and definitive collection of 124 Eva photographs and is destined to become a classic. Never before in the history of photography has an artist of this magnitude photographed her child to such stunning effect.
ISBN: 097270731X
Publisher: Alice Press
Hardcover : 151 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 9.4 x 12.1 x 0 inches
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