Yucatan Passages
by Robert A. Hansen
Publisher's Description
This book offers images from explorations among Maya ruins in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Platinum and silver gelatin prints interspersed with a diary of travel capture the serenity and beauty of an indigenous environment, the Spanish influence, and the persistence of traditional culture in the rain forest.

'In Yucatan Passages Robert Hansen takes us on a journey that becomes much more than a visual documentation of people and places. He has the heart of a searcher, the eyes of a poet, the hands of a craftsman - traits manifested in sensitive portraits of faces marked by time and tradition, panoramic scenes of ancient ruins with their aging stones illuminated by evening sun, intimate depictions of dark and mysterious corners of spiritual spaces. Hansen cannot help but strip bare his soul - in his pictures as well as his words - and in so doing he seduces us into experiencing his personal pilgrimage as one of universal discovery'.-Henry Rasmussen, Publisher and Editor of Black and White Magazine

'Fantastic! Hansen does for the Yucatan what Adams did for Yosemite.'-Gustavo Arellano, OC Weekly

Limited edition info
The book and print come in a slipcase. All prints are over-matted and the edition size is 150. The current price is $495 for the book and print set and the current edition number. The price will go up to $ 595 for 75 and above.
View print Corridor # 1, Mani Yucatan.
View print Horse and church ruin, Campeche.
View print Street Scene, Southern Mexico.

ISBN: 097285441X
Publisher: Laguna Wilderness Press
Paperback : 96 pages
Language: English
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