Facing Sculpture: A Portfolio of Portraits, Sculpture, and Related Ideas
by Ricardo Barros
Publisher's Description
This award winning photography book presents sixty remarkable portraits of contemporary sculptors. Each one is paired with an image of the sculptor's work and a concise text. Both established and emerging artists are represented, among them: Marisol, George Segal, and Magdalena Abaknowicz. Curator Nick Capasso's 2400-word introduction addresses these portraits in the context of the contemporary sculpture. Photographer/writer Ricardo Barros recounts several of the portrait-making experiences and traces the development of his personal vision in a 5000-word Photographer's Afterword. Each of these portraits has clearly been thought through differently – composed differently, lighted differently – reflecting the collaborative nature of his work with the sculptors Mr. Barros has chosen to portray. ... He seems to know that a certain degree of critical tension will give liveliness and complexity to his images, but he lets the tension remain a nuance. ... Like a good critic who draws you deeper into the art – who, by making you feel the limits of mere criticism, renews your appetite for the art itself – Mr. Barros succeeds in raising curiosity about these sculptors and their work. - Barry Schwabsky, The New York Times, (1999 SCULPTORS Exhibition) “(Facing Sculpture is) an extended inquiry into creation, the portraits reveal an artist looking at art and other artists and creating his own art – one free of an imprint, style, a defining signature … The book’s great strength is Barros’ ability to make art and artist one, each expressing the other.” Chris Ringwald, Photo District News
ISBN: 097415220X
Publisher: Image Spring Press
Hardcover : 166 pages
Language: English
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