Esopus 5
by Tod Lippy
Publisher's Description
The New York Times has praised Esopus as 'a thing of lavish, eccentric beauty, less flipped through than stared at,' and has also stated that, upon viewing it, readers will ' . . . Reconcile their expectations of what a magazine is . . . .' This fifth issue of the semiannual, advertisment-free publication contains artists’ projects by Ed Ruscha, Ati Maier, and Shanan Kurtz; 'The Greatest,' an 11' x 52' removable poster of Savannah barber Ulysses Davis’s wood carvings of 40 U.S. presidents; 100 frames from Claire Denis’s 2002 film, Vendredi Soir (with an appreciation by cinematographer Ellen Kuras); a piece on the evolution of ice cream truck music by musicologist Daniel Tannehill Neely; New York City chef Jody Williams’s essay on learning how to cook in Italy; new fiction from Ethan Rutherford, Alex Shear’s Object Lesson #4 (a removable insert), Angus Trumble’s '1685 in Retrospect;' and a Depression-era found object contributed by Steven Heller. This issue's CD of specially commissioned music features 13 songs inspired by reader-submitted descriptions of childhood imaginary friends, (which will also be published in the issue). Contributors include the B-52’s Kate Pierson and Pat Irwin, Grant Hart, Jon Langford of The Mekons, Avey Tare of Animal Collective, Kimya Dawson of The Moldy Peaches, Vetiver, Solex, and Ruth Gerson.
ISBN: 0976164124
Publisher: Esopus Foundation LTD
Paperback : 116 pages
Language: English
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