Jackie Brenner

Friday Night Grind: Bourbon Street, New Orleans
by Josephine Sacabo
Publisher's Description
The old world character of New Orleans is at once elegant, cultured, and refined, yet dilapidated, boisterous, and vulgar. To document these abundant eccentricities, Jackie Brenner is drawn to subjects that expose the night people of her hometown with Bourbon Street and her strip clubs as the perfect tease. To gain entry into this darkened, shadowy world was difficult, almost impossible. Friday nights, better known as date night in the Crescent, were chosen to penetrate the fantasy, harshness, and humanity of the stripper's world; to become a witness to the reality of their 'otherwordly' existence. These are women who find the amount of money that can be earned too hard to pass up regardless of the consequences. The women are a little bit of everyone just trying to make it through the day using whatever resources available. This project began expecting the strippers to be mere objects and it finished knowing these ladies as human beings. Jackie Brenner's enigmatic images now serve as historical record of the time before Hurricane Katrina's devastation created another obstacle in the path for all of us who are addicted to the character of New Orleans. Just as these women struggle to survive, so will New Orleans, as her people fight to preserve, rebuild and insure the intregrity of her survival.

About the author: Jackie Brenner, a fine art documentary photographer, studied at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art School of Photography. Her work has been exhibited in several galleries, won prizes in juried shows, is in numerous private collections, and is in the permanent collections of the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and the Museum of Fine Art, Houston.
ISBN: 0976252333
Publisher: Shrine Media Group in cooperation with Fresco Fine Art Publications LLC
Hardcover : 84 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 10.6 x 12.2 x 0.7 inches
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