Tillman Crane

Tillman Crane: Touchstones
by Tillman Crane
Publisher's Description
I carry a small white stone in my camera bag, picked up from one of my favorite beaches. It is a piece of Maine I take with me on my journeys as a photographer. It is a reminder of where I have been and where I will return. It is my touchstone. While photographing in St. Columba's Chapel it took me a while to recognize the stones resting on the windowsill for what they were. Each was a touchstone brought by a pilgrim to Iona as reminder of home.

Scotland became a metaphor for a search for the spiritual within the physical world. This book is not meant to be a catalogue of humanity's inventiveness with stone. It is a pilgrimage through a landscape filled with places I found visually exciting. I worked in locations from the far north in Orkney to the Borders in the south, from Iona to St. Andrews, and from Aberdeen to Calanais on Lewis. I traveled untold hundreds of miles and made thousands of images. The ones chosen for this book speak to me. Some may ask more questions than they answer. Some may be a simple observation. I invite you to spend time with these images. Perhaps you will find your own touchstone among these pages.

The idea of man's interaction with the world around him is always essential to my work. Scotland provided a location for me to continue exploring the spaces used for protection, to celebrate our spirituality and to define the cultural priorities by what is built.

Touchstones are the connections between this physical and the spiritual world. They are the things that unify humanity rather than those that divide us. Touchstones are the small pieces of home that we carry with us on our pilgrimages through life.

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ISBN: 0976298120
Publisher: Sterling & Hurst Editions
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