In Passing: A Book About Death
by Todd Herman
Publisher's Description
In June of 2OO3, I received a call that my Father was dying. Some time after arriving at my parent's home, I took out my camera, as I always do in order to understand, and quietly began to document the time spent at my father's deathbed. My family's support and willingness to allow such a difficult and intimate process to be photographed still touches me deeply. Three days passed. My Father silently waited for his family to assemble, for the camera to be put away and for us all to go to sleep so he could die alone.

As I began sharing my experience of my father's last days with friends and colleagues, I was surprised how often they spoke of a lasting desire to have said more to, or to have done more for their loved ones before they died. I listened to their regrets, denials, joys and pains that were much different from mine, some clearly articulated, while other stories advanced with ineffable poetry. The book, In Passing developed from these conversations and explores our complicated interactions with the artifacts, images, and memories of death.

In Passing includes work by professional and non-professional artists, writers and photographers, and touches on aspects of the very substance and frailty of human life as it passes while exploring both the diversity as well as the common threads in our experiences of death.

It is my hope that within this book, readers might recognize some of their own struggles, questions, and fears around death. That through such reflection they will take whatever time they need to remember, to prepare for, or to pass through to that place of clarity on the other side of grief, loss, and longing.

Todd Herman
ISBN: 0976508605
Publisher: The Dancing Tree
Hardcover : 343 pages
Language: English
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