Tim Davis

Train Cars
by Tim Davis
Publisher's Description
The Trained Eye series began in October of 2000 as I wandered in the railyard near downtown Colorado Springs. Boxcars were parked on sidings for the weekend. While gazing at the sides of the well used cars, I began to see pictures. It was like being at a gallery. I made numerous trips to the railyard and I photographed what I saw. I share them with you now. All of these images are from the sides of boxcars, coal cars, miscellaneous freight cars and a caboose. These cars have been scratched, gouged, painted, scraped, rusted, and repainted over the course of their lifetimes. From a distance they appear uniformly colored, neat, and tidy. But, up close, with their context removed, they have become the images in the calendar you see here.
ISBN: 0976612607
Publisher: Tim Davis Art Images
Calendar : 24 pages
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