Placenotes--Santa Fe
by The Charles W. Moore Center for the Study of Place
Publisher's Description

Places—buildings, neighborhoods, landmarks, and cultural and commercial institutions—help define a city's unique character, its "sense of place." This is the key concept behind Placenotes, a wholly new type of travel book that features the "one of a kind" places that make a city distinctive. Placenotes guides you to places where you can experience the authentic culture of a city. For visitors, these are the "must see" places. For residents, Placenotes offers the perfect opportunity to become deeply acquainted with the places that distinguish their city from all others-an opportunity to invest in the life of the place.

Not a conventional travel book, Placenotes are sets of individual cards that describe forty-five to fifty-five unique places in a featured city. The front of each card has a color photograph that captures the spirit of a particular place. The back of the card tells the story of the place, often with commentary by a local expert. It also provides all the practical details people need to plan their visit. A city map, index of places, and key to symbols come in each set of Placenotes. The cards are contained in a sturdy box with a lid that snaps shut with invisible magnets.

ISBN: 0976649357
Publisher: The Charles W. Moore Center for the Study of Place
Cards : 1 pages
Language: English
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