Bill Lowenburg

Crash Burn Love: Demolition Derby
by Bill Lowenburg
Publisher's Description
Crash Burn Love: Demolition Derby is the first book to detail both the public and private side of a wildly popular yet little understood American sport. Demolition derbies began in the late 1950s and today an estimated one million fans attend the 1,500 to 2,500 or more demolition derbies held around the United States each year.

In addition to the photographs that capture the excitement of competition in the arena, Lowenburg takes the viewer behind the scenes of this previously undocumented sport, showing the intense activity in the pit, the backyard preparation of the cars, and portraits of competitors and fans.

The essays contain insightful commentary and competitors’ telling of their own stories. The book includes an overview of the rules and preparations for competition, the history and future of the sport, and a collection of recommended readings, films, and websites. As one oil-and-mud-splattered competitor commented, “This ain’t no hobby; it’s a way of life.”

ISBN: 0976653516
Publisher: Back Street Books
Paperback : 108 pages
Language: English
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